Excellent Sustainable Business Marketing Awards. 

For excellent Marketer.

To honour and celebrate excellent Marketer for your outstanding performance in the industry and sustainable development.

Criteria for Nominee Submission

Market Impact
Summarise how business marketing outcomes relate directly or indirectly to positive impacts for the client(s) and stakeholders. How market share has been changed with those marketing activities/ strategies. What impact did the campaign have on the market, if any.
Social Impact
Summarize Contribution for creating better world through marketing strategy and all works done under your marketing vision/ strategy.
Marketing Efficiency Summary – Marketing Strategy
The extent to which the Marketing contributes to and/or demonstrates notable positive improvements in, for example:

• Efficiency (a ratio of output to inputs) Quality (reduction of re-work, enhanced perceived quality of experience, products and/or services)
• Responsiveness of services (turn-around times, dropped calls)
• Satisfaction of partners, employees and/or citizens (as perceived and experienced)
• Response to new societal demands (addressing health, education, environmental, information and human rights issues)
• Addressing upstream issues (based on logic models, economic models)
Summarise if the technology played in transforming or modernising the delivery of products and services that applied in your business.
Summarise how you have changed the way in serving clients via new services/ products and remark business milestone with those creativity.

How to submit the awards

Each nominee shall complete the nomination process by sending those supporting documents as required as below to the organiser.

Submit a video with its length no longer than 3 minutes: Giving a video overview of your achievement is strongly recommended.

Submit via the form attached following those criteria:

  • Market Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Marketing Efficiency – Strategy 
  • Transformation
  • Innovation

*Key Dates*