Today ‘s global economy is falling into a long-term structural slow dilemma. In this flow, creating new customer value is more important than ever. Marketing competitiveness is a determining factor for a company’s survival and a source of national competitiveness.

Kotler Awards are designed to enhance the competitiveness of the national industry by encouraging and spreading examples of individuals and companies that create innovative customer values and achieve successful market performance through various marketing competitiveness enhancement activities.

This award system is meant to present the direction of the most rational yet correct marketing activities in the rapid change of the market environment, which is more significant than any activity.

Kotler Awards are developed to honor true excellence in the field of marketing and business management around the world. Kotler Award recognizes top professionals in field of marketing, communications and business management. At the same time, it will raise awareness of the creativity and originality delivered by practitioners, who are at the forefront of their professions. This award also serves as a platform to showcase new start-ups and unique innovations which have set new standards for the industry, while highlighting winning strategies in this era of digitalization and 4th industrial revolution.